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Oregon Harvest Reporting System Now Available

April 15, 2008.

From the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife:

Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife staff today announced the new Mandatory Hunter Reporting System is available for use. All persons who purchased an Oregon deer, elk, pronghorn, cougar, black bear or turkey tag for a 2007 hunt are asked to report the result of their harvest efforts—whether or not they were successful, whether or not they hunted.

According to Tom Thornton, ODFW Game Program manager, the results of the new reporting system will improve the quality and quantity of hunting effort and harvest information.

“To successfully assess game populations and provide all the recreational opportunities we can, we need accurate and timely information,” he said. “We have tried to make the reporting system as convenient as possible so it’s easy for hunters to participate.”

Hunters can report either by telephone or through the ODFW Web site. Call 1-866-947-ODFW (6339) for the automated phone system, or access the hunting report form through the Hunter Resource section of the Web site,

“We would like all hunters to use the new system to report their hunting activity,” said Thornton. “Even if you received a survey phone call from ODFW this year, we would like you to try out the new system.”

Hunters who purchased bighorn sheep and Rocky Mountain goat tags do not have to report as these hunters are required to check out of the hunt area.

When to Report

  • 2007 season hunters are asked to report by June 1, 2008.
  • Hunters with tags for 2008 hunting seasons can report beginning June 1, 2008. 

Before Reporting

Before calling the phone line or logging into the new online system, hunters should have the following information ready:

  • Hunter/Angler ID number (located on ODFW licenses, tags and applications)
  • The two-digit Wildlife Management Unit (WMU) number of the unit hunted. If the hunt area included more than 1 WMU, use the number of the unit hunted in most of the time.
  • The total number of days hunted—including mentoring youth
  • The number of days hunted in the WMU hunted most often

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