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Cabela's T.A.G.S. Misses Arizona Elk and Antelope Deadline

March 15, 2008.

The Arizona Game and Fish Commission unanimously voted on March 14, 2008, to deny a petition by Cabela's to accept late license applications submitted on behalf of their licensing service clients.

Cabela's offers an application service known as T.A.G.S. — Trophy Application and Guide Service. For a fee ($50 each in the case of Arizona elk and antelope), Cabela's will prepare your applications for western big game draw licenses, including analyzing and selecting premier trophy areas. They also front the application money for you ($595 in the case of Arizona elk, $485 in the case of antelope).

According to the petition, Cabela’s sent to the department three packages through a private courier from Nebraska on February 11, 2008. The packages did not arrive at the department location until after the published deadline of 7pm on February 12.

When the courier failed to deliver the applications based upon their committed service levels, Cabela's petitioned the Arizona Game and Fish Commission to consider accepting the applications of their 568 impacted customers.

The commission, which allows for petitions to be heard by the commission when no other administrative remedy exists, reviewed Cabela's request at their March 14 meeting.

The Cabela's request was unanimously rejected by the Commission. Arizona regulations are unambiguous that "No applications will be accepted after this
time regardless of the postmark."

For the customers of Cabela's TAGS, the good news is that it seems inconceivable that Cabela's would ever miss a deadline again. Unfortunately, they'll obviously miss their chance at a 2008 hunt, will fall behind in bonus point accumulation, and will lose their progress towards the loyalty bonus point (an extra bonus point awarded when you apply 5 years in a row).

For the HTW subscribers who submit their own apps, we'll have 568 fewer competitors in the draw.

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