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2009 Utah Applications Available

December 22, 2008.

Applications for Utah's 2009 big game season are now available on the website of the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources.

Utah offers outstanding but hard-to-draw tags for bighorns, desert sheep, goats, bison, moose, mulies, elk, and pronghorns.

Key changes include:

  • More spike elk hunting statewide: In 2009, you can purchase a permit to hunt spike bulls on most of Utah’s limited-entry bull elk hunting units. (See our December 19 update for more information).
  • Nine-day rifle deer hunt in most areas: Across the state, the general any legal weapon (rifle) deer hunt will last for nine days. There are, however, a few hunting units where the season will be shorter. Those units are South Slope (Vernal), La Sal (La Sal Mountains), Central Mountains (Nebo), Oquirrh-Stansbury and Monroe.
  • Changes to bonus points and preference points: There have been some changes to how you can accrue, use, lose and surrender your points. These changes will affect residents, nonresidents and group hunters. (See our December 8 update for more information).
  • New nanny goat hunt: You can apply for a new nanny goat hunt that has been added to the Beaver unit.
  • Bighorn sheep unit closure: The Wasatch bighorn sheep hunting unit has been closed.
  • There are quite a few more changes — see the Guide Book for complete information.

Remember, as of 2008 you have to buy a hunting license before you can apply in Utah. Previously, you could apply in Utah for a bargain rate of $5 per application. In 2009, you'll have to purchase a $65 non-refundable non-resident hunting license ($26 for residents) before you can apply.

The application periods are later than in previous years.

Apply online through Applications are accepted between January 22nd and February 26th.

You can apply for a bonus or preference point through March 9th.

Draw results will be available by April 30.

Go to the website of the Utah Division of Wildlife resources to get your copy of the application booklet.


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