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Time To Register Bait Sites for Wyoming Bear

March 12, 2008.

From Wyoming Game and Fish:

Black bear hunters looking to use baits for the upcoming spring bear hunting seasons are advised that the last date to renew a bear bait from the previous year is Thursday, March 20.

Hunters who had bait sites registered the previous calendar year have a preference period of March 1 to March 20 to register the same site. 

Following the preference period, registration of unclaimed bait sites will be accepted in person at any game and fish regional office, beginning at 8 a.m., Tuesday, April 1 on a first come, first served basis.

There will be no black bear bait site registrations during the period of March 21 - March 31 this year.  Hunters can renew their bait sites from last year by telephone, mail, fax, in person or by a representative.  All registered bait sites are for the year and cannot be changed until the following year.

Office manager Sheila Watts of the Game and Fish Green River office recommends bear hunters contact the regional office in which their bear bait site is located.

"It really speeds up the process of registering a bait site when the bear hunter calls the regional office where there bear bait site is located," said Watts.  "The maps, legal descriptions of bait sites and other pertinent information is kept at the regional offices so it makes sense to call the office where the bait site is located."

"Hunters are reminded that they must have a valid black bear hunting license prior to registering a bait site.  Each bear hunter is allowed two bait sites, however, hunters may have one bait per section as illustrated on U.S. Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management.  Bear baits cannot be placed more than seven days prior to opening day and must be removed seven days after the last date of the hunting season.

Wyoming manages black bears on a female mortality quota system.  Each hunt area has a female mortality quota that, when reached, closes the season for that area immediately.  Therefore, hunters are required to regularly check the black bear hotline at (800)-264-1280 to make sure their hunt area hasn't closed.  Since bear licenses are not area specific, if an area is closed, hunters may go to an area where the quota has not been reached.

When a black bear is harvested, hunters are required to retain the skull and pelt, with visible external evidence of sex, and present it to Wyoming Game and Fish Department personnel at the nearest Game and Fish office within three days (72 hours).  Black bear hunters are encouraged to pick up a copy of the current bear hunting regulations at any Game and Fish office or license selling location to review additional details about black bear baiting and hunting.  

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