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Update: Bison and Elk Hunting on Wyoming's National Elk Refuge

November 3 , 2008.

The Jackson Hole Daily ran an article on October 31 giving an update on the annual elk and wild bison hunt on the National Elk Refuge:

An abundance of natural food in Grand Teton National Park has kept many elk in the Park and off precious winter forage on the south end of the National Elk Refuge, according to government scientists....

On Oct. 22, two hunters killed elk on the south end, causing 100 to 200 elk to flee to the park. The disturbance left only 29 animals on the south end...

So far this year, hunters have reported 32 elk killed on the refuge. Cole said the number is likely low because some hunters have not yet reported their kills to the Wyoming Game and Fish Department.

Bison have largely avoided the south end of the refuge since the start of the bison hunt in early September. Hunters have reported killing 42 bison on the refuge. Seventy-six animals have been harvested on the refuge and in Bridger-Teton National Forest combined.

Officials say a cold, rainy spring helped keep forage levels on par with the historical average. Last year, forage production was down about 30 percent.

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