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Wyoming's New Deer Region Y

March 12, 2008.

From Wyoming Game and Fish:

Nonresident deer hunters who are used to applying for Region C to hunt along the east slope of the Big Horn Mountains are advised to carefully review application materials and maps before completing their license applications in 2008. Deer hunt areas 24, 25, 27, 28, 30, 32, 33, 163, and 169 will be in the newly created Region Y. The deer hunt areas remaining in Region C will be 17, 18, 19, 20, 23, 26, 29, and 31.

The new nonresident Deer Region Y and reconfigured Deer Region C will improve the management of deer populations in north-central Wyoming by better distributing nonresident deer hunters.                

"The old Nonresident Deer Region C covered a large part of north-central Wyoming that went from low-elevation sagebrush grasslands to high-elevation timber and alpine meadows," said Sheridan Region wildlife management coordinator, Lynn Jahnke. "Landownership patterns included hunt areas with predominantly private land to hunt areas of almost totally public land. The diversity of habitat types and landownership in conjunction with widely varying densities of deer resulted in the need to better distribute nonresident deer hunters."

"We expect that better managing nonresident deer hunter distribution through the new nonresident deer regions will benefit deer hunting on both the large blocks of public lands and the accessible smaller blocks of public land for both residents and nonresidents." Jahnke continued. "We also expect it will benefit private landowners by reducing the number of phone calls they receive from hunters trying to find a place to hunt in the predominantly private land areas, as we will be better able to balance nonresident hunter quotas with available access."

"In the past, deer hunters have been very supportive of managing deer herds in balance with their habitat while providing a variety of hunting opportunities. The Wyoming Game and Fish Department, with many cooperators, is embarking on the statewide Mule Deer Initiative to improve mule deer management. Game and Fish managers believe the creation of nonresident Deer Region Y will provide some of the flexibility needed to improve deer management in north-central Wyoming.

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