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Kansas Deer Season Update

December 1, 2007.

The rifle whitetail season in north-central Kansas has been slow, but some huge bucks have been taken.

The hunters and outfitters of Washington County, Kansas have largely been frustrated in finding the big bucks that this country is known for.

Most of the hunters at the motel where I'm staying are getting skunked.

But, those who have scored, have scored big. I have seen a deer that was green scored at 190", and I've seen two excellent bucks with 11+ total points. Another hunter at the hotel took a medium-sized 4x4, but most hunters are holding out for trophies.

Personally, I've only seen 4 bucks, including a 2x2, a medium-sized 4x4, a small 4x4, and a 4x4 that I regret not trying harder to take.

He was pushed on to the property I was hunting from a drive the neighbors made. He was moving very fast, from the minute I saw him jump the fence 60 yards away to the time he topped the hill across from me and disappeared.

I was hoping for a 5x5 or better, and by the time that I figured out that this high-racked deer was one I should take, it was too late.

Rain fell across much of the state this morning (saturday), making most dirt roads impassable. This complicated the already tough season. Hunters are speculating that deer are still widely dispersed due to mild temperatures and plentiful feed, and are hoping that the deer may become more concentrated in key woodlots before the season ends after next weekend.

Many, many deer that had been seen before the season on trail cameras have still not been season by hunters.

There are still signs of rutting activity, with swollen necks, some cruising bucks, and some bucks still fighting.

The 2007 Kansas deer season runs from November 28 to December 9.

But there's only two more days left in my hunt.

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