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New Mexico Lion Outfitter Charged For Poaching

November 12, 2007.

Tom and Deborah Boyer have pled guilty to violating the Lacey Act when they transported a mountain lion taken without a license from Colorado to their home state of New Mexico. The plea agreement was handled out of a Federal Court in Denver, Colorado.

The Lacey Act prohibits the interstate transportation of wildlife which the transporter should have known was taken in violation of local law.

As a result of their violation, they will not be permitted to hunt or accompany anyone hunting for 3 years.

Also as part of their plea agreement, they will each have to donate $3,000 to Colorado's Operation Game Thief. The requirement for a donation to an anti-poaching fund is in stark contrast to the "Poaching for PETA" case that occurred early this year in Colorado. In that case, a judge ordered a bear poacher to make a donation to the radical animal rights group PETA, which acknowledges that it has no involvement in anti-poaching efforts.

Prior to this plea, the couple ran "Let's Tree It" outfitters, based around the Gila National Forest in New Mexico.


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