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Colorado 3rd Rifle Season Described as "Poor"

November 13, 2007.

Outfitters and hunters I've talked to from all over the state have reported that Colorado's 3rd Rifle season for deer and elk has been "poor." Many experienced camps that usually produce good success rates have been skunked this year.

The season, which ran from November 3 through November 9, was plagued by dry and unseasonably warm conditions. The warm weather kept animal movements to a relative minimum. Interestingly, many animals were reported as being at lower elevations (this is what I also saw during the 2nd season), but were hard to approach in the dry, noisy timber.

Some wet weather (though not a lot) is moving through most parts of the state in the earlier part of this week, and outfitters are holding out some degree of optimism about the upcoming 4th (and final) rifle season which starts on November 14 and runs through November 18.


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