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2008 Winchester Model 70s Trickling in to Circulation

September 26, 2008.

As you've heard on Hunt The West and pretty much every other source for information on the outdoors, the big news in hunting rifles for 2008 has been the return of Winchester's Model 70 bolt action rifle.

Winchester had targeted delivery "starting June, 2008," but this obviously did not happen. With hunting seasons underway, we've been forced to keep waiting for the guns to hit the shelves.

Now, about 3 months later than promised, the guns are starting to become available.

My local Sportsmans Warehouse still has no idea when they'll be getting any rifles, but online outlets such as and have rifles available.

So far, only the Featherweights seem to be available, and only in .270 and the .30-06. No short-actions or magnums have shown up yet.

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