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Return of the Winchester Model 70

November 2, 2007.

Winchester has released a press release announcing the return of the Model 70 bolt action rifle for 2008.

New Model 70 Super Grade

The news is so fresh, in fact, that Winchester's website still refers to the Model 70 as a "historic firearm" and states "We are often asked when the great historic products such as the Model 70, Model 94, Model 1300 and others will be reintroduced into the marketplace. At this time there are no definite plans or announcements."

Winchester had ceased production of the Model 70 bolt-action and the Model 94 lever-action in 2006, putting an end to two legendary American rifle designs.

The Model 70 had fallen out of favor with American shooters after a 1964 redesign that was regarded as cheapening the quality of the guns. The quality of Model 94s had similarly been degraded -- I sold my 30-30 Model 94 years ago, very disappointed with the quality of the rifle.

The re-born Model 70 will be made in America, will feature a new trigger, pre-'64 style controlled-round feed, and an improved version of Winchester's great 3-position safety.

All indications are that the re-born Model 70 should be a great rifle, offered in 4 different grades in a variety of calibers yet to be specified.

There's currently no word on any plans for a Model 94 re-birth.

Refer to the press release for the details and pictures of the new rifles.


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