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Nevada Exploring First-Ever Bear Hunt

November 7, 2007.

Nevada game managers are discussing the merits of holding the first-ever black bear hunt in that state. Nevada is currently the only western state that does not have a bear hunt.

It is believed that about 300 adult bears live in the state, primarily around Lake Tahoe.

So far this year, 12 problem bears have been killed by wildlife officials, and 75 have been struck by cars. Losing 87 bears to state control and auto accidents would represent a very significant percentage of the total population.

While it is not expected that the proposed hunt would significantly reduce bear problems, there does appear to be a good opportunity for allowing hunters to engage in sustainable harvest of a healthly population. and The Associated Press quoted wildlife officials:
"Having a bear hunt will have very little, if any, impact on nuisance bears," said Russ Mason, the department's game division chief. Department biologist Carl Lackey agreed: "We're almost dealing with two distinct bear populations."

Given the small population, this is unlikely to generate significant oppourtunities for non-resident hunters, but it could be a great hunt in beautiful country for Nevada residents.

More information can be found in the The Arizona Daily Star.


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