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New York Times on Hunters and Global Warming

December 12, 2007

The New York Times ran an interesting article yesterday regarding the impacts of global warming on hunting. The three-quarter page article ran on page A30, but had a teaser showing a duck hunter accepting a retrieve from his dog on the front page.

The bulk of the article addressed the challenges wildlife officials face in managing populations and season dates as weather and migration patterns change.

This should stike a chord with elk hunters impacted by warm, dry seasons, deer hunters impacted by warm falls and late ruts, and waterfowl hunters who have had to adapt to changing migration times.

A sidebar to the article looked at hunter acknowledgement of global warming, which was higher than I expected. According to a poll by the National Wildlife Federation, 47% of hunters "strongly agree" and 29% of hunters "moderately agree" that "global warming is occurring." A total of only 12% moderately or strongly disagreed.

If you've noted changes in your hunting caused by changes in the weather, you're not the only one.

Full-text of the article is on the NYT website.


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