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More Info on Colorado's "Poaching for PETA" Case

October 18, 2007.

In our October 16 update, we covered the Colorado bear poaching case that included a seemingly inappropriate $500 donation to PETA as part of the penalty.

The San Diego Union-Tribune provided additional details on the case.

In a great example of understatement, they quoted the guilty party's defense attorney as saying "I don't know where that came from" with regards to the PETA donation.

The guilty party has acknowledged that he will honor the terms of the sentence and go ahead and make the donation.

In our previous coverage, we suggested that the money could have done more to prevent poaching if donated to an organization that is actually relevant to reducing poaching, such as Colorado's Turn in Poachers Program or Operation Game Thief.

Along those lines, a spokesman for the Colorado Division of Wildlife suggested the money could have been better used locally for buying bear-proof garbage containers to discourage the animals from foraging in town, or to support a private wildlife rehabilitation center in Colorado.

It still remains unclear what the correlation is between PETA and anti-poaching efforts in Colorado.

I have a message in to the PETA media relations center asking them to share some information about their anti-poaching programs. If I hear back from them, I'll be sure to pass their comments along.

Maybe then this will all make sense?

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