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Pending World Record Bison Taken in Wyoming Hunt

September 27, 2007.

A Cheyenne hunter has taken a bison in this year's hunt that stands to set a new Boone and Crockett world record.

The hunter, Ed Riekens Jr., of Cheyenne, shot the bison on September 18. Note that Riekens took his bull on the National Forest, not on the recently-opened Jackson Elk Refuge.

The bison has been green-scored at 140-2/8. The previous record, a bison killed by a ranger in Yellowstone National Park in 1925, scored 136-4/8. Before Rieken's bison can be officially scored, a 60-day drying period must pass.

Riekens reportedly took the massive old bull with a single shot behind the horn with his .300 Weatherby.

The Rocky Mountain News covered the story.

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