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Smugglers Make Southern Arizona Backcountry Dangerous

January 4, 2008.

The Arizona Republic recently ran an article on how scientific researchers along the Arizona/Mexico border are becoming increasingly hesitant to dodge growing numbers of drug runners in order to conduct their studies.

"I got kind of allergic to pistols being held to my forehead," noted one researcher who stopped doing research in southern Arizona.

Hunters drawn to this region should keep this growing problem in mind as well.

One famous outfitter in northern Mexico has been considering shutting down his operations there due to the increasingly dangerous environment.

On the US side of the border, several Arizona hunting units that offer otherwise excellent coues deer and desert bighorn hunting have become known as risky places to hunt.

As we prepare to submit our 2008 applications in Arizona, we need to consider whether we're willing to risk hunting in areas where marijuana seizures have tripled since 2001.

Cactus, rattlers, and mountain lions may be the least dangerous company we have out there.


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