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Colorado Southeastern Waterfowl Counts Released

January 6, 2008.

The Colorado Division of Wildlife has released its December 2007 waterfowl counts for southeastern Colorado.

The snow geese have cleared off Nee Noshe and Nee Grande, but there are still tons of ducks and geese along the Arkansas, with some huge concentrations on John Martin Reservoir. Bonny Reservoir is also holding a lot of birds.

In southeastern Colorado, the duck season continues through January 27 and the goose season continues through Februrary 17. For specific details and information on special seasons, check the Colorado Waterfowl Brochure. And don't forget to get your 2008 license if you're heading out again.

The CDOW conducts these counts to help hunters determine locations of birds in the southeast region. These counts are a general indicator of where the birds are, but they may move often. At this time there are no plans to do counts in other parts of the state.

December 2007 count (PDF format)

November 2007 count, for reference (PDF format)


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