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2008 Dall Sheep Back From Taxidermist

May 21, 2009.

The Dall Sheep I took in 2008 in Alaska is back from the taxidermist. Jonas Brothers of Broomfield, Colorado did a great job, as usual.

I had him mounted with a "wall pedestal" form. This style is a wall-mounted version of the pose typically used for a floor pedestal mount. The sheep's "body" is parallel to the wall, with his head turned out in to the room. He attached to the wall on his shoulder, rather than coming straight out of the wall. I'm now a big fan of this position for a mount.

I'm in the process of trying to sell one house and build a new one, so there's no place for me to hang him at home right now. He's staying at the home of a friend in the meantime.

Taken with my phone in the Jonas workshop:

Hanging in his foster home:

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