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Colorado Big Game Applications Available

Februrary 12, 2009.

Colorado applications for deer, elk, moose, bear, antelope, sheep, and mountain goats are available on the website of the Colorado Division of Wildlife.

Changes for 2009 are relatively limited. Some changes of note:

  • New Moose Units Opened: Units 41, 42, 52, 411, 421 and 521 are now open to moose hunting.
  • For sheep, Units S6 and S46 are closed to hunting bighorn ewes.
  • S2, S26, and S70 are closed to all bighorn hunting.
  • S44: This bighorn sheep unit is now open for rifle hunters.
  • New Sheep Units: S73 and S74 are now open for limited bighorn

Visit the CDOW website to get your copy of the apps:

Application deadline for all species is April 7.

Draw dates vary by species:

  Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep April 29
  Mountain Goat April 30
  Desert Bighorn Sheep May 1
  Bear May 7
  Moose May 14
  Pronghorn May 27
  Elk June 9
  Deer June 11 


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