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Colorado: Is Preference Point Banking Back on the Table?

March 19, 2009.

Following last week's public meeting of the Colorado Wildlife Commission, Denver Post outdoors columnist Charlie Meyers wrote a column speculating that preference point "banking" might be back on the table.

In 2005, Colorado offered a one-time preference point banking option to hunters. This allowed hunters to expend only the number of points required to draw a given tag — usually, you have to spend all of your points when you draw a tag.

For example, if you had 10 preference points for deer, the banking option allowed you to draw a deer tag that only required 2 points, keeping your other 8 points on file.

In the absence of a banking option, you might have not applied for the 2-point tag, unwilling to lose the excess preference points. Rather, you may just keep hoarding points, waiting for a tag that requires the exact number of points you have.

As a result of this tendency to hoard points, there are many hunters out there with 15 or more preference points for a given species, and these hunters will be able to block other newer hunters from ever drawing premier tags.

From Meyers' column:

"If you just started collecting points in, say, the past five years, it's mathematically impossible to draw one of those quality licenses," said Rick Kahn, state big game manager for the Colorado Division of Wildlife...

Banking came up for considerable discussion at last Thursday's meeting. Don't be surprised to see some action, up or down, before the September deadline to finalize the next five-year season structure for big game.

See the Denver Post for the complete column.

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