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Field Report: Plenty of Ducks in Colorado

October 12, 2009.

Yesterday, HTW pro-staffer Paul Vanderspek and I hit some of the spots where I had had decent luck on the weekend of the duck opener.

Heading out, we were a little worried that two straight days of record cold weather would have pushed the ducks south.

Turns out there was no reason to worry. There are still plenty of ducks in eastern Colorado's potholes — we saw mallards, widgeon, gadwalls, pintails, a few ruddy ducks, and plenty of teal.

I missed the opening of shooting hours, stuck back at the truck emptying flooded waders in the well-below-freezing temperatures. I did get in on some of the jump-shooting later in the morning, after we picked up decoys and went to check some stock ponds, but I was humbled by Spek's stellar shooting.

In addition to ducks, by the way, there were sandhill cranes in good numbers.

If mild temperatures arrive as promised during the upcoming week, we should still have excellent opportunities on a widely-mixed bag of ducks next weekend.


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