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Colorado Duck Opener: 2nd Split

November 9, 2009.

The 2nd Split of Colorado's duck season opened this past weekend, offering very different conditions than we had as the 1st Split ended.

The small local ducks that had been swarming over eastern Colorado's prairie potholes were pushed out by a late October blizzard. Unfortunately, no other ducks have migrated down to take their place.

A mallard and a pintail taken on Colorado's eastern plains.

We found slow action on sunday morning -- gone were the flocks of teal, wigeon, and gadwall that had made things so interesting in the early season.

We did get a few mallards coming in in singles or pairs, and a very lonely looking single teal.

But the real pay-off came when we spotted a group of about 10 pintails on a stock pond late in the morning.

We were able to plan a stalk on them, and after wanting one for so long, finally bag our first pintails.


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