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More on the Colorado Elk Carcass Lottery

January 23, 2009.

The National Park Service will be conducting a cull of elk in Rocky Mountain National Park this winter. The carcasses of the culled elk will be cleaned, tested for CWD, refrigerated, and given away by a lottery drawing.

Many HTW subscribers entered the lottery for the elk carcasses from the cull. (Deadline to register was January 14th.)

If you entered the lottery and have been waiting for your phone to ring, this additional info from a local Denver news channel may be of interest:

  • They'll be shooting about 100 elk this year.
  • The cull hasn't started yet, but will in the "next few weeks." So if you haven't gotten a call to pick up an elk yet, don't give up hope.
  • The cull will target cows only.

More info from Channel 4.

If you get chosen in the lottery, drop me a line if you get a chance and let me know how the process was.


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