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Colorado Winter Mild on Deer and Elk (So Far)

February 19, 2009.

Last winter, deer and elk were hit hard by bitter cold temperatures and heavy snowfall. The Colorado Division of Wildlife (CDOW) responded with $2.5 million in expenditures for feed, fencing, and personnel across western Colorado last winter.

This year, things are looking good as we get through the toughest of the winter months.

From an article in the Denver Post:

"Snow depths are just 25 percent of a year ago. Things have settled drastically and it's not hardpacked and icy," [Southwest Region CDOW manager] Tom Spezze said, describing a condition where soft, sugary snow allows animals to move freely and dig easily for food.

"That's just the report for the Gunnison area. Everywhere else, things get even easier."

Read more in the Denver Post.

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