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Hunting and The Economy: Knight Rifles Ceases Operations

June 3, 2009.

Knight Rifles announced on June 1 that they are going out of business.

Founder Tony Knight revolutionized the modern muzzleloader in the mid-1980s with his introduction of in-line muzzleloaders, creating tremendously broad appeal and revitalizing the black-powder market.

Since its beginnings in 1985, more than one million Knight Rifles have been sold. Knight Rifles have always featured high quality components, including Green Mountain barrels and Timney triggers.

While the recent presidential elections have been credited with fueling firearms and ammunition sales, this buying frenzy apparently has not helped the market for black-powder hunting firearms.

I bought my Knight KP1 muzzleloader about 6 months ago and have been very pleased with it. Sorry to hear that they're going out of business.

My Knight KP1

Knight's website:

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