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Hunting and The Economy: Oregon Raffle and Auction Revenues up Slightly

May 21, 2009.

The 2009 Oregon auctions and raffles for big game hunting tags grossed $565,342, approximately a 1% increase over the 2008 groos of $559,776.

The 2009 auction of 11 special big game tags grossed $356,000, including $95,000 for a bighorn sheep tag. A total of 59,747 raffle tickets were sold grossing $209,342, including $69,025 in sales for a bighorn sheep tag. Raffle winners were drawn at the Oregon Hunters Association convention on May 16, 2009 in Grand Ronde.

The sportsman/conservation groups that sponsored the auctions at various meetings and conventions of their organizations in the past few months keep 10 percent of the auction proceeds. Those groups include the Safari Club International, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Mule Deer Foundation, National Wild Turkey Federation, Oregon Bow Hunters Association, Foundation for North American Wild Sheep-Oregon, Wild Sheep Foundation, and Oregon Hunters Association.

Proceeds from the deer and elk tags will go to the Access and Habitat Program to fund wildlife habitat and hunter access improvement projects in the state. Proceeds from the pronghorn, bighorn sheep and Rocky Mountain goat raffles and auctions fund the research and management of those species in Oregon.

Winners of the special tags enjoy an extended season and expanded hunt area.

2009 Auction proceeds, 10 percent of which goes to sponsoring organization

Statewide Elk: $22,500

Statewide Deer: $27,500

Statewide Elk: $23,000 

Statewide Deer: $31,000

Governor’s Statewide Deer/Elk Combination: $40,000

Statewide Deer:  $34,000

Statewide Elk: $26,000

Statewide Elk: $28,000

Statewide Deer: $24,000

Pronghorn: $5,000

Bighorn Sheep: $95,000

2009 Raffle Sales

Statewide Combination Deer and Elk raffle: $26,344

Deer raffle: $41,823

Elk raffle: $53,947

Rocky Mountain Goat raffle: $8,894

Pronghorn raffle: $9,311

Bighorn Sheep raffle: $69,025

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