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Idaho Throttles Down Fee Increase Proposal

February 17, 2009.

Earlier this year , we provided information about a proposed fee increase in Idaho. Idaho has reduced the planned increases due to tough econcomic times, but sportsmen looking to hunt in Idaho need to brace themselves.

I haven't seen the details of the revised proposal, but here's some numbers from our previous coverage.

From Idaho Game and Fish:

Idaho Fish and Game officials have submitted a revised proposal that asks for a more modest revenue increase.

In the light of tough economic times, Idaho Fish and Game has scaled back a proposed revenue increase to an overall 15 percent instead of 20 percent.

Under the new proposal, the resident combination hunting and fishing license would not go up at all. Other changes from the original proposal include deer and elk tags, fishing tournament permit fees, controlled hunt application fees and the daily fishing license.

A deer tag would go up just two bucks, instead of the proposed $5, and an elk B tag would go up $6.

Nonresident hunting licenses also would go up $13.25, instead of $15.25 proposed earlier. Nonresident elk and deer tag increases also were scaled back.

The revised increase proposal has been submitted for consideration by the Legislature.


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