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Idaho Wolf Hunter Screws Up

September 14, 2009.

From Idaho Fish and Game:

An Eagle, Idaho man has been cited by Idaho Fish and Game conservation officers Tuesday, September 8, in connection with a poached wolf.

Two citations were issued: shooting a wolf in a closed season and shooting from a public road. Witnesses told officers he shot the wolf while standing in the road at the back of his pickup truck.

The wolf was shot about 6 p.m. Sunday, September 6 in the McCall-Weiser wolf zone, which was closed to wolf hunting.

He called the 24-hour wolf harvest reporting line Tuesday morning and reported the wolf killed in the Sawtooth wolf zone. Later that day he checked in the wolf at the Fish and Game office in the Nampa. He later told officers he thought he was in the Sawtooth wolf zone until he looked at a map back in camp Sunday evening.

An illegal take would be charged to the harvest limit of the zone in which it occurred. In this case, the wolf will be taken out of the McCall-Weiser wolf zone harvest limit.

The wolf is a small female, still a pup. Officers seized the wolf hide and skull, a rifle, camera and tag.

The investigation is ongoing and the charges have not been filed with the court.

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