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Idaho Estimates Negative Economic Impact of Wolves at $15 Million+

March 4, 2008.

Idaho's Fish and Game department recently released a report that attempted to provide a rough estimate of the economic impact of the state's wolf popluation.

Statewide, Idaho could be losing between $15 million and $24 million annually in hunting-related revenue due to wolves' killing deer and elk, the report suggests.

Summary of the analysis from the Idaho Mountain Express:

The report said hunters are less likely to hunt if they don't think game is available, and assigns a value of $127.40 for each day a hunter spends pursuing game....

The report estimates there could be more than 180,000 hunter days lost because of wolves, adding up to as much as $24 million. The report puts the low end of lost hunter days at 120,000, adding up to about $15 million.

Complete story from the Idaho Mountain Express.

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