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Kansas Non-Resident Draw Results (Kind Of) Available

July 1, 2009.

Late Tuesday afternoon, the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks took some steps towards posting the results for the non-resident deer draw.

They did not actually populate their online draw results database (

Instead, they posted the following blanket statement: "All nonresidents were successful in drawing a whitetail either sex deer permit."

This is great news for non-resident whitetail hunters -- although it also draws attention to the fact that the Kansas "draw" isn't really a draw, and the preference point system is kind of silly since everybody gets a tag.

For mule deer hunters, the results are still TBD. The website instructs mule deer applicants: "For mule deer results call 620-672-5911."

Unfortunately, this is just the generic line for the Pratt office of the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks. No information is available after-hours. The recording instructs you to enter the extension of the party you are trying to reach -- but since we have no idea what that extension might be, the system just politely hangs up on us after a few seconds.

Hopefully a human being will be staffing the hotline on wednesday morning.

Or they could simply populate their online database.


Update 8:30am MT: The phone number for Mule Deer Stamp results now rolls directly to the Licensing staff. A rather tired-sounding lady who works there was able to confirm that I drew my mule deer stamp -- so I'll be going on my first Kansas mulie hunt later this fall.

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