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Statistics on the 2009 Montana Bison Draw

November 2, 2009.

Montana’s bison hunt attracted 10,363 individual applicants for the either sex bison licenses for the November 15 – February 15, 2010 season, including 909 nonresidents. Of these applicants, 34 residents and two nonresidents were successful in the drawing.

Of the 16 additional licenses offered to Montana Indian Tribes, only eight were accepted, the remaining eight are included in the 36 licenses issued to residents and nonresidents.

For the either-sex hunt, draw odds were 1 in 287.

If the Tribes had not returned 8 licenses to the general pool, draw odds would have been 1 in 370.

FWP placed 99 residents and one nonresident on a cow/calf license roster. The cow/calf licenses will only be issued if a sufficient number of animals migrate into Montana from Yellowstone National Park.

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