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Confusion Over Montana Bison Hunt

April 1, 2009.

On March 26, Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks issued a garbled press release that suggested that the application date for bison had changed to May 1. (Last year, the deadline was September 4th).

The press release states:

"This year bison hunters must apply by May 1 for this fall [sic] and winters [sic] bison hunt. The moose, sheep and goat application [sic] now include bison ."

It appears that the deadline to apply for bison may now be May 1.

However, the Moose, Sheep, and Goat (MSG) application booklet does not include bison, as the (admittedly confusing) language in press release seems to suggest. In fact, the only relevant mention of the bison hunt in the MSG application states that the deadline to apply is September 3.

Additionally, the website of Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks states that bison regs will be published in "Late July 2009" (see

As it stands, it is not currently possible to tell when the Montana bison application deadline is.

The press release further states "hunters will not have the option of applying by time periods this year." Previously, the hunt had been divided in to 3 different time periods, and hunters could select the period they wanted to apply for.

It is unclear whether this part of the press release is accurate or not.

It is also unclear whether there will be a separate cow/calf standby list, or what the quotas will be.

Hopefully clarification will be provided soon.

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