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Nebrasaka Antelope Harvest Highest in 15 Years

January 29, 2009.

From the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission:

Archery antelope hunters in Nebraska during 2008 experienced their highest success rate of the past 15 years, according to the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission.

A record 590 archers harvested 107 antelope for a success rate of 18 percent. There were 330 antelope taken by 417 hunters during the firearm season and 75 taken by 113 hunters in the muzzleloader season. Overall, 512 antelope were taken by 1,120 hunters in the state, compared to 448 taken in 2007.

“Herd numbers, quality of bucks and hunter success continue to improve in most hunting units as lack of winter blizzards, lower coyote populations and restricted permit numbers allow herds to grow,” according to Kit Hams, the Commission’s big game program manager. “Hunters are finding increased numbers of older animals, with 90 percent of harvested bucks being age 2 or older.”

Hams said antelope hunting opportunities likely will be expanded in 2009.

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