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Field Report: Nebraska Deer

November 19, 2009.

When Nebraska's firearm deer season opened last saturday, hunters encountered lots of standing corn for deer to hide in, but healthy numbers of mature bucks.

By the time I got in the field on tuesday afternoon, there was still plenty of standing corn, but the bucks seemed to have become more cautious.

On opening weekend on the farm I hunted, one hunter took a 25-inch-wide non-typical whitetail, and another took a big 4x4 whitetail. Both hunters were using doe-in-heat lures, and both reported that the bucks came charging in to the scent.

I saw a few does, but the bucks definitely did not come crashing in to my Tink's #69.

I'm back home now for family commitments. Hopefully the deer will have gotten over opening weekend shell-shock by the time I get back out there on saturday morning. The rut should still be a significant factor .... I saw a mulie chasing a doe at 1:00pm on my drive back to Denver, and still plenty of rutting activity in the foothills where I live.

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