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Western Nebraska Snow Goose Hunt

February 17, 2009.

HTW pro-staffer Paul Vanderspek and I met at 1:30am this past friday morning to make the drive from Denver to Big Springs, NE together. Big Springs is about halfway between Sidney and Ogallala.


Nebraska's spring snow goose season had begun a few days earlier, and we had heard that the birds were in.

We probably ended up seeing in the neighborhood of 30,000+ geese on friday, but the birds were working in huge flocks and didn't give our decoys too much attention.

Consistent with our track record of being lousy goose hunters, we bagged a total of zero geese.

Although we managed to draw a few geese over our spread, good opportunities were few. Those that did appear, we failed to capitalize on.

Hopefully this first hunt of the 2009 season doesn't set the tone for us for the rest of the year.

There sure are a lot of birds out there, however, if you're able to get out. The snow goose migration is definitely a sight worth seeing.


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