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Applying in Oregon

February 23, 2009.

Applying in Oregon is a questionable call, at least from the nonresident's point of view.

While they do have a few really good hunts available, they limit nonresident hunter numbers aggressively. And because they have had a preference point system in place for a long time, it's virtually impossible to catch up if you didn't get in on the ground floor.

Having said that, I started applying in Oregon last year. The key driver was the availability of hard-to-come-by species such as blacktail deer and Roosevelt elk.

To apply in Oregon, you need to purchase a nonresident hunting license for $76.50. Once you've done that, it's only $4.50 per species to apply.

My main goal in Oregon is to build points towards a really good blacktail tag, which I'm guessing will take about 5 years. But, as long as I'm submitting apps anyway, I also build points for antelope and elk. I also spend the extra $4.50 to submit a live application for sheep, even though the draw odds are very tough.

Applications are due by May 15.

The draw will occur by June 20.

You can find applications and general information on the ODFW website.

ODFW was supposed to offer online license sales for the first time in 2009. When I went online, however, they sold hunting license but were not accepting controlled hunt applications. Until they finish building their system, it's easiest to apply using the form on page 15 of the regulations — although filling out paper forms seems very backwards nowadays.

You can keep track of my apps (and the corresponding rejections) on the HTW homepage.

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