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Oregon Finally Offers Online Apps For Controlled Hunts

March 2, 2009.

From the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife:

Hunters can now apply for controlled big game hunts online using the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife online license sales site.

“We’re very pleased we can now offer this service, which should make controlled hunt applications a lot more convenient for hunters,” said DeAnna Erickson, ODFW License Services manager.

ODFW limits the number of hunters for certain big game hunts (some deer and elk hunts, all pronghorn antelope, bighorn sheep and Rocky Mountain goat hunts) for game management purposes and to enhance the hunting experience. Hunters must apply for tags for these "controlled" hunts by midnight PST May 15. A random computer drawing occurs in June and hunters are notified about results by June 20.

Online license fees are the same as fees paid at an ODFW licensing agent or an ODFW office—$4.50 for a controlled hunt application. Online controlled hunt applications can be printed out instantly, so there are no shipping and handling fees. (A fee may apply if the application is purchased with other license documents.) ODFW accepts VISA and MasterCard for online payment.

A list of frequently asked questions about online license sales is available on the ODFW Web site. Online controlled hunt applications for fall turkey and sage grouse will not be available until after tag numbers are adopted by the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission in August.

Avoid common controlled hunt mistakes

Specific fall 2009 big game tag proposals will be available in early May. Hunters should carefully consult the 2009 Oregon Big Game Regulations before applying for a controlled hunt online and avoid these common mistakes:

  • Getting personal information wrong. Double-check your name, birth date, phone number, address, and Hunter/Angler I.D. number before applying.
  • Choosing the wrong hunt. Hunt numbers can change. Double-check your hunt number with current regulations so there is no risk of losing hard-won preference points. Don’t rely on hunting buddies for this information.
  • Not including correct daytime telephone information. ODFW needs your current phone number so we can get in touch with you if there is a problem.
  • Getting party details wrong. Double-check party information before you apply. ODFW’s new license sales system has made applying as a party easier. (Once one member applies, the system accesses that information as other party members apply.) Be careful not to exceed party size on your application—for example, for pronghorn antelope hunts the maximum party size is two.   

For hunters who purchase controlled hunt applications by fax, mail order, or at license agents, avoid these common errors:

  • Faxing in multiple applications. Not only does this confuse ODFW staff but your credit card could be charged multiple times, which takes time to correct.
  • Writing illegibly. Write neatly and legibly to ensure applications are processed correctly.
  • Waiting until the last minute to apply at license sales locations.  Make sure you know the hours of the license agent you will visit. Stores have been known to stop accepting customers because of long lines on deadline day (May 15). Get your application in before the deadline to avoid this problem.

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