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Oregon Extends Application Deadline

May 14, 2009.

Oregon has extended its controlled hunt application deadline to Tuesday, May 19 due to a slowdown in ODFW’s point-of-sale system affecting sales online and at license agents.

The high volume of sales activity is believed to be the cause of the slowdown. Within the past week, more than 90,000 applications have been processed, compared to about 43,000 the previous week.

As of today, 229,775 applications have been processed, but ODFW estimates there are about 200,000 more to go. (Last year, 420,000 controlled hunt applications were submitted.)

“Processing licenses at point-of-sale agents has taken longer than usual,” said ODFW License Services Manager DeAnna Erickson. “We want to make sure everyone has a chance to apply for a big game hunt.”

ODFW and the system supplier are working on solutions.

Oregon's online license sales site is new this year.

Oregon becomes the second western state to have to extend application deadlines this year. New Mexico's system also crashed due to inadequate capacity (see our April 9, 2009 update).

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