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Oregon Sets 2009 Big Game Quotas

June 8, 2009.

The Fish and Wildlife Commission has adopted fall 2009 limited-entry big game tags and concepts for 2010 big game regulations.

Statewide, 2009 fall buck deer tags, antlerless deer tags, elk tags and pronghorn antelope tags are down slightly while bighorn sheep and Rocky Mtn goat tags are up. Final 2010 big game regulations will be adopted at the Oct. 2 Commission meeting in Salem.


  • 74,265 total controlled hunt tags for 2009. 100 series buck tags down 4 percent from last year.
  • 2010: W. Blue Mtns hunt will have expanded hunt area in Heppner and Fossil units.


  • 52,577 total tags for 2009, reduced 2 percent from last year.
  • 46 new youth elk hunts for 2010. Long seasons with a few tags available.
  • 2010: Remove W. Fort Rock and North Sumpter units from areas where archers and disabled hunters can harvest an either-sex elk. (Units are below population management objectives.)

2010 Spring Bear

  • New hunts in Saddle Mtn-Scappoose and White River.
  • 4,000 SW Oregon spring bear tags on sale Dec. 1- March 31. Tags sold out early this year and some hunters suggested that SW Oregon tags go on sale after the draw. The new first-come, first-serve structure will be reviewed in the future but remains in place for 2010.


  • ODFW staff will provide a detailed evaluation of the results of the three-year cougar target area projects (in Heppner Unit, E. Beulah Unit, Jackson County) at the Aug. 7 Commission meeting in Salem.

Bighorn Sheep

  • 2009: 11 Rocky Mtn tags, 80 California bighorn including one tag for new West Deschutes River #3.

Rocky Mountain Goat

  • 2009: 11 tags including new hunts 2nd Elkhorn (2 tags) and West Hurricane Creek (1 tag).

Pronghorn Antelope

  • 2,736 tags total for 2009.
  • 2010: Four new hunts in Paulina and Wagontire (two archery and two muzzleloader).

The Commission adopted a Cervid Disease Surveillance List (CDSL) for use at the state’s cervid (deer and elk) ranches that requires testing for Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD), bovine tuberculosis and brucellosis. Ranchers will need to report animal deaths to ODFW within 24 hours of discovery and test any animal age 6 months or older that dies of any cause for diseases on the CDSL.

The Commission also adopted a new voluntary monitoring program that requires disease sampling by federally accredited veterinarians. Cervid ranchers that elect to join the Voluntary State CWD Monitored Herd Program may have additional opportunities to sell their products in states that require participation in regulated CWD surveillance programs. 

The Commission approved $128,120 in funding for eight Access and Habitat projects that improve wildlife habitat or hunting access to private land. They also adopted big game hunt raffle and auction tag allocations identical to 2009, so 12 tags will be auctioned and 13 tags raffled off in 2010.

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