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Remington Custom Shop Gets New Home Online

August 11, 2009.

Back in March of 2008, Remington made some significant changes to the line of rifles coming out of their Custom Shop. They dropped classics such as the KS Mountain Rifle and added some accurized but otherwise unremarkable new models such as the Alaskan Wilderness Rifle II and the North American Custom.

Western hunters were likely to be disappointed by the trade-off that was made between light weight, cost, and caliber selection on the one hand, versus blueprinting on the other hand. The older models from the Custom Shop seemed to offer much more than the new ones, and they had a much more "custom" feel.

As the next step in the evolution of the Custom Shop, Remington has created a dedicated new online home for their custom rifle making business at

Accoring to Remington's press release:

"Now selecting your next custom firearm, or your first, is only a click away....

Easily navigable, the Remington Custom Shop web site allows the viewer to browse through series of highly-specialized rifles and shotguns: Hunter Series, Target/Tactical, Historical, Rimfire, 40-X™ Series and High Grade."

In fact, the new website seems to be just a repackaging of the content that always existing on, with the addition of a few new photos.

Overall, the new site is limited compared to the sites of other custom rifle makers — you can't order a rifle, or view inventory on hand, or really much of anything.

Remington does promise more substance down the road:

"In the months to come, visit for enhanced, interactive features such as a Retailer Locator that will allow customers to search by postal code, city and/or state for their nearest Remington Custom Shop dealer and the ability to design your own “Dream Gun” with custom options, estimated completion date and pricing available."

I love Remington rifles, but right now guys like Hill Country Rifles or High-Tech Customs are doing a lot more with them (and for a lot less money) than Remington.

We'll see how their business continues to evolve.


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