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Hunting and The Economy: Rowland Ward Closes US Office

April 16, 2009.

Rowland Ward, the South African book publisher, safari merchandiser, and records keeping organization, has closed its Dallas, TX office after less than a year of operation.

Press Release from Rowland Ward:

It is with much regret that we inform you that we have closed our office in Dallas, Texas. Unfortunately, the global financial crisis and particularly its effect on North America has left us with no choice.

Being a proud company with a long history of actively supporting the hunting and shooting fraternities over many years, it was with great reluctance that Rowland Ward has been obliged to face the inevitable.

We are aware that, in doing so, we will have not only inconvenienced many of our loyal supporters and customers but have let them down as well. We apologize, most sincerely.

We will also do our level best to minimize the inconvenience and, to this end, will ensure that deliveries to North America will be airmailed from our Johannesburg office at no additional cost than had they been shipped from the Dallas offices. As soon as the conditions allow, we fully intend to re-establish a North American presence.

Our office in Johannesburg remains as active and enthusiastic as ever and, after the positive results of the AIM Show in a Johannesburg, southern Africa’s premier hunting show, are cautiously optimistic that, in Africa at any rate, hunters and the hunting industry are starting to come to terms with the changed worldwide economic circumstances.

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