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South Dakota Finalizes 2009 Elk Seasons

April 13, 2009.

From the South Dakota Game Fish and Parks Commission:

The South Dakota Game Fish and Parks Commission finalized the 2009 elk hunting seasons at their monthly meeting.

The Archery Elk Season will have a total of 185 tags available, with 114 of those being “any elk” licenses”.

The opening date for Unit 30A will be changed to August 15-November 13, and November 23-December 31, to coincide with the elk season in neighboring Boyd County Nebraska.  Successful applicants for Unit 30A will be allowed to hunt in Boyd County when the Nebraska elk season is open in Boyd County.

The Black Hills Elk Hunting Season will have a total of 1,365 licenses available, with 605 of those being “any elk” licenses.  In addition, Unit H3 will have a split season for antlerless elk.

Several changes were made to the Prairie Elk Hunting Season.

Bennett County will have a third unit added, which will begin in August, the Unit 30 firearms season dates will also change to coincide with the Nebraska season dates, a new unit was created in Butte and Lawrence Counties and the number of licenses available for the Prairie Elk Season will increase to 131 licenses, with 45 of those being “any elk” tags.

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