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South Dakota Special Deer and Antelope Seasons Set

May 21, 2009.

From South Dakota Game Fish and Parks:

The South Dakota Game Fish and Parks Commission set several big game hunting seasons at their monthly meeting.

Campbell County is now open to archery antelope hunting. Archery antelope hunters have the opportunity to choose from an “any antelope” or an “any antelope plus two doe/fawn” antelope license.

Archery deer hunters may purchase one single-tag antlerless license that is good for the entire state. Archery hunters may also purchase “any antlerless deer” licenses that are valid anywhere archery hunting is open, excluding the Black Hills Fire Protection District and the counties of Roberts, Grant, Codington, Lake, Moody, Minnehaha, Turner and Lincoln.

As in the past, archery hunters may purchase no more than five archery deer licenses, regardless of type.

The muzzleloader deer hunting season has a similar structure to the archery season.  Hunters have the opportunity to apply for and draw from a limited number of “any deer” licenses valid for the entire state, and may purchase one “any antlerless” single-tag license valid for the entire state. Additional “antlerless” licenses may be purchased and are valid everywhere in the state, excluding the Black Hills Fire Protection District and the eight eastern counties excluded for the archery deer season.

Youth deer hunters are now limited to a maximum of two licenses for this season.

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