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Outdoor Personality Tred Barta Suffers Spinal Stroke

May 21, 2009.

Outdoor personality Tred Barta, host of the TV show The Best and Worst of Tred Barta on the Versus network, reportedly suffered a spinal stroke during mid-May.

Reliable reports were initially unavailable, and persons who were claiming to be acquaintances of Barta have been sharing bits of knowledge about the incident across a variety of internet forums.

Initial reports from these sources were that Barta suffered the spinal stroke, an interruption of blood flow to a portion of the spinal cord, while en route to Alaska to film fishing footage for his show.

In fact, Barta's condition became symptomatic while he was at his home in Eagle County, Colorado.

Barta is currently recovering in a Denver hospital, where he remains paralyzed from the "belly button down."

Barta is an accomplished salt water fisherman and bowhunter. He is known for his straightforward (some might say "blunt" or "abrasive") personality, and is widely respected for being a genuine and committed outdoorsman.

The Versus network describes his show like this:

The Best and Worst of Tred Barta is a testosterone filled out of the box in your face reality blue water fishing and hunting TV series hosted by the irascible Tred Barta. Love him or hate him, Tred delivers an outdoor experience that takes your breath away!

The Vail Daily, Barta's local newspaper, offers reliable coverage and an interview with Barta.

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