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Win a Wyoming Commissioner's Tag on eBay

April 23, 2009.

Bowhunters of Wyoming is offering a 2009 Commissioner's Elk/Deer/Antelope License for auction on eBay. The auction is scheduled to end on May 1.

The successful bidder will be guaranteed the right to purchase a 2009 Wyoming hunting license for elk or for deer or for antelope.

Normal Wyoming big game hunting licenses are sold on a lottery draw system that is already closed for nonresidents. This guaranteed license avoids the application lottery system and guarantees the right to purchase a license.

This license was made available to our Bowhunters of Wyoming by one of the Wyoming Game & Fish Commissioners as a fundraiser for charitable conservation groups. 

This hunting license is good in any of the hunt areas in the State of Wyoming (except  Elk hunt areas 75 and 79 in Grand Teton National Park) for any of the 2009 seasons.

The successful bidder must specify the season, area, and type of hunt at the time the license is issued, as well as purchase the license from the Wyoming Game & Fish Department for the normal fee (nonresident prices are $577 for elk, $312 for deer, or $272 for antelope).

The starting bid is $5,000, and as of this posting, bidding is slow.

Check it out on eBay.

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