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2009 Hunting Roadmap for Wyoming's Jackson Hole Area

April 2, 2009.

An article in the Jackson Hole Daily outlines what hunters can expect Wyoming Game and Fish to recommend for tag allocations in the Jackson area in 2009:

  • Fewer elk tags in the Gros Ventre drainage.
  • More elk tags around the National Elk Refuge and southern Grand Teton National Park, and a liberalized hunting season south of Jackson
  • The bison season will run through the first weekend in January, a change that echoes an extension of the hunting season that wildlife managers implemented during the 2008-2009 season to increase the harvest.
  • Sheep licenses steady at 8, altough good lamb production and good ram numbers could mean an increase in 2010.
  • During the 2008 deer season, the last five days of the hunt were limited to antlered only, but this year the deer season will run from September 15 to October 10 and any deer can be harvested with a general license during that time.
  • With the moose population down about 50% over the last 20 years, wildlife managers plan to issue 35 tags in the Gros Ventre drainage and another 10 in the Teton Wilderness. All of the tags issued for this year will be for bull moose.

Read the full coverage from the Jackson Hole Daily.

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