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Wyoming Bison Guide Gored By Wounded Bull

October 5, 2009.

Cole Campbell, 48, was evacuated by helicopter after a bison charged him Saturday near Shadow Mountain near Jackson, Wyoming. He was recovering at an Idaho Falls, Idaho, hospital, co-worker and well-known bison guide Johnie Filbeck said.

"He’s pretty bruised up and he’s got a big ol’ hole in his buttocks, but he’s going to be OK," reported Filbeck.

Filbeck was guiding a client from Riverton, WY, with Campbell along to assist.

.44 Magum vs .500 Smith and Wesson

The hunter they were guiding wounded a bull with his .500 Smith & Wesson pistol from about 60 yards. While the hunter and guides maneuvered for a finishing shot, the bison charged and struck Campbell.

The hunter emptied his pistol into the bull, then finished him with a rifle.

With the bull down, they were able to use a cell phone to contact help.

Wild bison are almost unimaginably large. I would definitely recommend leaving the pistols at home and planning on a head shot with a centerfire rifle.

Wyoming's wild bison season opened September 1.

See the Jackson Hole Daily for more on the incident.


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