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Wyoming Moose and Mule Deer Down, Antelope Up

May 29, 2009.

Wyoming's Jackson Hole News and Guide offered a summary of Wyoming big game herds earlier this week.


  • The moose census last winter found the population at an extremely low 44 percent of objective. Fewer licenses are to be issued as a result.
  • Wyoming Game and Fish expects hunters to kill 616 moose this year, down from a recent high of 1,251 in 2001.
  • The Wyoming antelope herd is estimated at 526,200, 14 percent more than the goal of 461,950. Game and Fish anticipates licensing 60,670 antelope hunters this year, up from 56,459 last year.
  • Wyoming Game and Fish expects hunters to kill 57,239 antelope in 2009, achieving a success rate of 94.3 percent. In 2008 hunters killed 53,922 pronghorn for a 95.5 percent success rate.
  • Mule deer are 18 percent below the state’s objective of 564,650.

For complete coverage, see the Jackson Hole News and Guide.


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