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Wyoming Pronghorn Ties State Record

July 22, 2009.

From Wyoming Game and Fish:

A Michigan hunter will always remember the 2008 pronghorn season in Wyoming when he shot a monster buck to tie the state record. 

Mike Wheeler of Manchester, Mich., was on a combo mule deer/pronghorn hunt with a friend who owns 80 acres in Natrona County. The private land borders state and federal public lands. Both men had already had a successful mule deer hunt and stalked a couple antelope but could not get close enough.

On Oct. 3 they saw the trophy antelope on a ridge near Ormsby Road. Wheeler's friend was tired so Wheeler pursued the buck on his own. He finally harvested the animal on BLM land. This was Wheeler's second season hunting pronghorn in Wyoming. He took an average sized buck his first year. "But it was nothing like the one I got this year," he said.

"I knew it was big, but I didn't realize it was anywhere near as big as it turned out to be. We were looking for a big antelope, and this one looked bigger than any other I had seen so I harvested it. It wasn't until I took it to the taxidermist that I realized how big it really was."

Wheeler's buck is now tied for the Wyoming state record with an official Boone and Crockett (B&C) score of  91-2/8.  The minimum score to make the B&C record book is 82.  Scores are based on length of horn, length of prong and four circumference measurements.

The other pronghorn that ties for the record was taken in Fremont County in 1988. Even though the horn length on Wheeler's buck was not out of the ordinary, it was the mass of the horn that put it in the record book. His buck has base measurements of 7-5/8, with 2nd quarters of 9-1/8 on one horn and 8-5/8 on the other. Horn length is 14-2/8 and 14-5/8.

Information about Wheeler's pronghorn is featured in Mike Eastman's new book, "Hunting Trophy Antelope," and on the Boone and Crockett Club Web site at Click on the Trophy Watch icon.

Wheeler reports that the taxidermist just recently completed work mounting the head and it will be shipped to him soon and will be hanging in a prominent location on his living room wall.                                                     

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