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Wyoming Conservation Stamps Now Available Online

August 18, 2009.

For as long as I can remember, Wyoming has required hunters to buy a Conservation Stamp to hunt in Wyoming. I never minded the fee (used to be $10, now $12.50), but it was always a significant hassle to get to a license vendor during business hours to buy one — you could not mail order them or buy them online.

Starting this year, hunters and anglers can now buy and print their conservation stamp online through the Game and Fish Web site.

"That should be especially convenient for nonresident hunters who arrive in Wyoming late at night when most license agents are closed," said Jean Cole, License Section manager.

The $12.50-stamp is required annually for almost all resident and nonresident license holders. Daily license holders are exempt from the requirement.

Cole alerts potential Internet Conservation Stamp buyers to load their printer with white paper to perform a test print prior to purchase. 

Lifetime conservation stamps are also available from the Game and Fish Cheyenne Office for $180.50 — although they were only about $100 ten years ago when I bought mine.

Buy yours online if you'll be hunting in Wyoming this year:

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